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Trade Credit Insurance

Does your business sell goods and/or service on credit terms?

By getting Trade Credit Insurance you will be able to protect your accounts receivable and assets from losses due to credit risks. Insolvency and protracted default are some of the few disasters that may happen to destroy your accounts receivable.

Trade Credit Insurance can also be seen as a risk management product that protects a business from the payment risks associated with the delivery of goods or service. It generally covers a buyer's portfolio and will pay an agreed percentage of an invoice that ended up being unpaid because of bankruptcy, or another financial related reason.

The purchases for the invoice do not have to be in bulks amount. A one-off transaction, such as in a retail shop, can be covered too. However each insurance providers have their own exceptions.

Many Business Insurance may already have Trade Credit Insurance included but only cover up to a certain level. Costs for Trade Credit Insurance policies and premiums can depend on the size of your business, the yearly profit, and the duration for having the insurance, and the final payment is usually a percentage of sales made. Fees can then be paid monthly, half yearly or yearly.

For a genuine coverage you can trust, purchase Trade Credit Insurance.

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I am the owner of a small btq shop at the cbd and too many times have I witnessed shop olifting and the use of false credit cards. I believe getting credit insurance for trades is one of the best move I can take. Sometiems I wonder what it is like without it. I totally recommend getting insurance to anyone that is part of the struggling retail indsutry.