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Velosure Review

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Insurance Review: Velosure Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: Velosure Insurance was established by Theo Grobler, a cycling fanatic. The company was created for the unique needs of cyclers because they understand the risks and problems many riders face. Velosure is currently underwritten by Hollard Insurance, a member of the international Hollard Insurance Group. Hollard has branches all over the world, including USA, South East Asia and Africa.

Covers: Bicycle insurance

Pros: Velosure is one of the few insurance companies that are dedicated to only providing insurance for bikes. Many customers have praised the company for their great coverage. No matter if the bicycle was damaged or crashed while in use or in a race, customers were able to easily get a claim within days.

Theft, from and away from home, are also covered. There was a case about a member in the past that had their bicycle crashed one night while it was parked near a popular pub. After finding out about the disaster and submitting a claim, Velosure acted extremely sufficiently to pay back the cyclist as well as giving great advices on what to do next.

If death or disability occurs, up to $10,000 can be claimed. Non Medicare expenses like private hospitals, dentists and ambulances, can claim up to $1,000. These are big amounts that many other insurers do not offer.

Quotes can be obtained in seconds by going to their website. The call centre is always helpful, with representatives always being nice and friendly. There are accounts of customers saying that the staffs were not only interested in business, they also showed a deep passion for bikes as well. This gave a positive feeling to the new customer that Velosure was for them.

Overall: Velosure is a company that only provides bicycle insurance. They are also passionate about bikes and understand the unique needs faced by cyclists every day. Much protection is offered, such as damages occurring to the bicycle while it is in used, including if it is in a race.

Before applying for a premium, it is very important that you have taken time to go through the Product of Disclosure. This will help you understand better what you are buying and if it is ultimately worth your money.

Insurance Fort believes that Velosure Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1300 83 5678

Email Address: customercare@velosure.com.au

Locked bag 9042
Castle Hill
NSW 1765

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Pros: They know their bikes intimately. I ended up talking about bike riding with the consultant at length.

Cons: Nothing to mention

Overall: I can highly recommend them to anyone riding a bicycle. When I claimed they assisted me to upgrade to the frame I wanted.



Pros: Getting help from people that knows about bikes is very important. The quote and service that I got was cheap but high in quality! Many thanks!

Cons: None so far, except service can be a bit too slow sometimes.

Overall: I saw Velosure being mentioned in a brochure so I decided to join them. As being a bike rider, I need an insurance company that knows what they are doing, and not just offering it as a service to make money.

Velosure insurance is just that! Not only do they provide insurance for bikes and cyclers, they also know a lot about the vehicle, which is why I decided to choose them.

Claims are very easy to make. It is fast, secure and on time.