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RAA Travel Insurance Review

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Insurance Review: RAA Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: RAA is a South Australia based insurance company with over 75 years of customer service. Starting out as an agency basis, the company was turned into a general insurance company in 1987. RAA insurance products are available through the RAA Office network across South Australia and in Broken Hill.

Covers: Car insurance, home insurance, content insurance

Pros: RAA is noted to offer competitive prices for its insurance premiums and policy. Customers can effortlessly ask for quotes or apply for one of their services. The fees and payments are automatically deducted from your direct debit account monthly, which takes away the worry of paying for it manually. If your cars or home is damaged, claims are processed simply and readily without any stress. A number of cases have been reported of buyers needing to make a claim because of a roadside collision and claims were received in less than a week. Staffs in the customer support line have been complimented for being easy to talk to, understanding and helpful.

The choice of repairers can also be chosen directly by you. This is an advantage because unlike most other companies, you can find the mechanic that offers everything you need for your damaged vehicle. The company is reliable and trustworthy.

Overall: RAA appears to be a pretty descent insurance company that pays on time. The only disadvantage is having your car heavily devalued after being with them for over a year.

Before signing up to any of their services, make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions and policies with great care. Take notice of the words usages in the fine prints and the context they are structured in. If there are anything you donít understand, make sure you contact the customer support line, either online or through the phone to seek help. Asking an insurance adviser is also a good alternative.

Insurance Fort believes that RAA Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 8202 4567

55 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide, South Australia

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Pros: Everything so far.

Cons: The person I spoke to was a bit hesitant. They didn\'t speak loud enougn.

Overall: RAA is one of the insurance companies I trust when it comes to insuring my car. I have been with them for a while now, and though I have not yet made a claim, everything about them have been great.

I just love the feeling of looking at my policy to know I wil be protected, and then feeling blessed that the premium I paid was way much less than what all my friends paid for theirs.



Pros: Fair and fast claim process

Cons: Need to open to other states

Overall: RAA have severed me well during the time I have been with them. I have made one claim, had it approved and the money sent without any hesitation. There are also many extras that I could take out and had benefit me greatly!