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Pet Plan Insurance Review

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: PetPlan Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: PetPlan has over 30 years of experience in the pet insurance industry in the United Kingdom, and is now available in Australia too. PetPlan is dedicated to the wellbeing and pleasure of animals as well as their owners. This is why more and more pet owners in the country are changing to PetPlan as their first choice of pet insurance.

Covers: Pet insurance; dog insurance, cat insurance, horse insurance

Pros: If you don't know which plan suits you, the customer service has been praised to be friendly and easy to access. Speaking with a representative will let you be aware of the policy and the way how it works. In general, the product disclosure statements appear better than most other pet insurers as they state the coverage of a chronic condition for life.

Customers are also given the option to sign up via online. It is hassle free, secured and convenient to people that don't want the formality of speaking to a real person.

Overall: PetPlan accepts most pet breeds but are reported to charge higher than most other pet insurer. There are a few cases about claims not be being paid unless the customer decides to go through with piles of stress forms and processes.

It is very important that before you sign up for the pet insurance firm that you have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement, Policy and Terms and Conditions. Take time to read the fine prints printed at the bottom of most documents as they may contain some exclusion to their covers and protection. If there are anything you are not sure about, make sure you contact the customer support line or hire an insurance advisor.

Insurance Fort believes that PetPlan is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1300 738 225

1-3 Smolic Court

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Estelle Storey


Pros: Nothing

Cons: They are the worst company for customer service. They do not return phone calls or emails. They put their insurance premiums up without telling me and then stole the extra money out of my account without notifying me. They do not pay claims and there is always an excuse from the underwriter who has made so many mistakes with my policy. She is incompetent rude and does not know how to read. This company is nothing but a bunch of thieves who pretend they care about animals when they could not care at all. They sit behind there desks and work out how they can scam their customers out of their money.

Overall: Awful. Incompetent. If you hear the name Petplan take your money and run.Their facebook site is fake and they will not let you put any truthful comments on their site about their service.

T. Pruyt


Pros: Email claims. Website functionality.

Cons: Everything else.

I have had petplan for almost 2 years on THREE dogs, and in those two years I have NEVER had any luck getting a claim approved. They will use EVERY POSSIBLE detail that the vet writes to deny claims. They have put in place so many roadblocks to getting claims process as possible. Never in my life have I experienced such difficulty with an insurance company! First, they require at leas 2 years medical history for every pet, and it MUST come from a veterinarian. If you don\'t have it, than you\'re screwed. Every claim is auto-rejected. NO OTHER PET INSURANCE COMPANY REQUIRES THIS.

Their favorite excuse is \"pre-existing\" symptoms. Sorry, just because a dog has has bladder problems before, does not mean all bladder problems are automatically related.

When there is no grounds for labeling it pre-existing, they simply tell you that the claim exceeds the allowed amount for treatment. They lure customers in offering 100% reimbursement, but then reject every claim. And what good is 100% reimbursement when limits are put on how much expenses can be.

They also like to tell you \"You could avoid this by getting pre-authorized every claim.\"

I\'m sorry, when my dog is requiring urgent medical care, I do NOT have the time to submit pre-authorization forms and wait days for a response just to see if the insurance will cover it. Also, in emergencies (where this usually becomes a problem) I do not have time to compare or worry about whether the fees my emergency vet is charging me will exceed the limits of the policy.

Also, I\'ve TRIED the pre-auth route... It should be called Pre-Reject, because that\'s all the process is for.

I have regretted switching insurance companies since day 1. I have wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on this company, for NOTHING. The ONLY reason I haven\'t switched back is because my dogs currently have some medical issues that would not be covered on new policies because of waiting periods, and I cannot risk that.

Overall: Has been a complete waste of money.



Pros: Great service, quality srvice

Cons: Can take a while

Overall: PetPlan is nothing new to what I expected. I was only going to sign up for a new policy if it was cheaper but I found PetPlan. It wasn\'t the cheapest, but I still chose them because the quality of coverage they offered outweighted the price.

PetPlan ahs no problems with covering my beautiful dogs and approving claims. I am very happy with them.