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Insure My Ride Review

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Insurance Review: Insure My Ride Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: Insure My Ride is a sub branch of Suncorp, one of the biggest insurance providers in Australia. Insure My Ride operates throughout the country, putting the drivers first, especially those that may not be fit for the typical insurance risk. They aim to provide better cover and more affordable premiums to all their policyholders.

Covers: Motorcycle insurance

Pros: A great point about Insure My Ride is that they are the only insurance provider in the country so far that solely offers motorcycle insurances to their members. This means that they will be able to meet all the unique needs for motorcyclists everywhere. This includes protection for road bikes, dirt bikes, and scooters. Unlike other major insurance companies that re-badge car insurance, Insure My Ride only specializes in one area to make sure they offer the best insurance of its kind.

There have been many people in the past that have praised the firm's Comprehensive Insurance policy. After getting into an accident, there was a policyholder that was able to get their motorcycle repaired and claim approved regardless if it was their fault or not. Other cases include customers losing their bikes that were parked in a quiet street. After a quick call, they got their bike replaced without the need to go through any complicated procedures.

Getting a quote and signing up is very easy. The customer service team actually anticipates your call and will help you go through everything to give you a peace of mind. The staffs are always nice, friendly and informative in terms of what they talk about.

Overall: Insure My Ride is a great company to join for people passionate about motorbikes and motorcycles. Because they only offer one type of insurance and is not a re-badge of car insurance, they will be able to meet the needs of every individual.

Before applying, it is very important that you have taken some time off to go through the Product of Disclosure Statement. Not only will it save you from future issues, it will also give you a better idea if the company is right for you.

Insurance Fort believes that Insure My Ride insurance is worth purchasing insurance from.

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Pros: They insured my dirt bike and approved my claim when I needed most.


Overall: I love everything I am getting from Insure My Ride so far! They covered all sort of damages and loss that I can see myself beign affected by and is hoping to see more people join the company like I did.