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Insurance Line Review

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: Insuranceline Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 4.5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: Insurance Line understands the unpredictable outcomes in life. Their philosophy is to ensure that every Australians have the right to be protected in an easy way. This is why Insurance Line is a number one seller of life insurance, helping Australians across the country to get a peace of mind.

Covers: Funeral insurance, life insurance, income protection, bill relief, cancer insurance, pet insurance

Pros: Staffs at Insurance Line have been reported to be kind and caring; able to answer all queries you may have without having to change departments. Unlike other companies where staffs may provide different information to customers each time they call, Insurance Line is known to be consistent and professional all the time.

The quotes and cost for an insurance plan is cheap, starting from only $2.31 a week. Many people have complimented the company for such low price because even families with lower income are able to purchase a policy.

Many successful stories of claims being approved have been noted by customers. Once their claim was accepted, an advance payout of up to $10,000 was given immediately to help with all the financial fees. This can be a big relief.

Getting a quote is easy and simple, and customers will be able to get their policies working within minutes. The representative will guide you through all the procedures without having to go through any hard or difficult processes.

Overall: Insurance Line is a successful and bright insurance company with a goal to secure every Australian's lives. Many success stories have been recorded about getting high pay outs. However, only people aged between 18 and 65 are able to apply for their plans. Anyone outside of that age group will need to find another company.

Before making the final decision to purchase a policy or plan, make sure you have read the Product Disclosure statement, and the General Advice Statement. This will give you a better insight of what you are paying for, and will help you avoid any scams that the firm may plan on you.

Insurance Fort believes that Insurance Line is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1800 730 099

InsuranceLine Pty Ltd
Reply Paid 62
PO Box 62
Carlton South

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Pros: Nothing, just stopped calling me & sending mail every week, & everytime I do call them another updates arrives.

Cons: to many manipulations to sign with them & 28 days, to get money from them if my lucky loto has drawn she states, must not work for 28 days, if worked 1 day will not start the payments on the 29th day, will loose 28 days worth of payments. Every week advertised the same thing until I gave up & joined, stupid me, I will never give up again, we have to do our own run around, faxing & phone calls, they ripped me off, found out the hard way so I Cancelled the hard way too.

Overall: Speeding the word so no one should insure with them.

Happy Policy Holder


Pros: Everything from their unique services and cheap pricing on quotes and premiums. And loving their TV commerical.

Cons: None.

Overall: Insurance Line is an insurance company to be serious with. They offer everything you need, from life insurance and to other life related protection. It has been a while since I\'ve seen an insurer that offered all these kind of thigns and I was genreally happy that I found insurance line.

If you go to their website, you can see that they offer some of the cheapest quotes online. There are no medical tests or anything to join, and once you\'re a member, you will be like me and feel an instant comfort. Because I\'m with insurance line now, I feel that my kids are also secured because I know my income will always be safe.