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HBA Health Insurance Review

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: HBA Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: HBA is an insurance firm owned and maintained by Bupa. Bupa is a private health insurer that is available in every state and territory within Australia. At Bupa, quality health insurance is always on the strive to provide customers with the best possible insurance products and services. Experiences are drawn from over 10 million people from over 190 countries around the world.

Covers: Health insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, car insurance, caravan insurance, boat insurance, trailer insurance

Pros: Premiums are usually cheaper than most other insurance companies around Australia. There are also a lot of discounts available to members if they are over 25 years of age.

Claims are usually easy to make with friendly customer representatives that will go through with you all the process to make sure the money come to you as fast as possible. Repairing is fast and will leave your car in great shape again. Customers have reported with positive comments about the way staffs handle situations with great advice and information.

Overall: HBA is definitely one of the most joined and trusted insurance company in the market today. Claims can be made easily, paying in the majority of times. The customer representative staffs are renowned to be friendly, helpful and passionate about your car and home. However the only bad side is not having a 24 hours hotline that can be reached during emergencies.

Before making up your mind to join HBA Insurance, make sure you have read through all the Terms and Conditions, Policies and fine prints. Pay close attention to the way words are used and terminology that may cause confusion to people that are not familiar with the insurance industry. If you have any questions about something you donít understand, make sure you call the support line during working hours or seek an insurance adviser. By doing so, you will be able to get a better understand of what is offered to you and how you can save money.

Insurance Fort believes that HBA Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 131 243

HBA Health Insurance Administration
Reply Paid 4463

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Pros: Great service i think.

Cons: webste is kinda complicated to deal with.

Overall: Impressive insurer. So far, no issues encountered here.



Pros: no pros

Cons: poor website

Overall: Hate their staffs. Very poor service.



Pros: Have been with them for the very first time. I love everythign about them and so does my family

Cons: None that I am aware of.

Overall: I took out two policies for my my home and car and got a discoutn for having them both. Everything has been good until when someone broke into my house and stole the jewelleries that my mother left for me. Being so depressed as I was, I contacted HBA and they delievered what I was looking for.