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Insurance Review: Get Approved Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: Get Approved is an auto insurance company that aims to provide information and services to help customers make choices regarding their financial needs. There are a range of financial products such as loans and insurance. Customers are their number one priority because without them, GetApproved would be nothing.

Covers: Consumer credit insurance, gap insurance, auto insurance, car insurance

Pros: Get Approved had combined Internet marketing and finance to create one of the best online car finance services. Many customers have reported that customer service is always at the top, with the staffs able to give inclusive information and advice. This can be explained because the company has a policy to encourage staffs to serve customers better.

Their car insurance covers multiple drivers, and repairs on any broken vehicles are guaranteed. Towing the car if it is stranded on a highway is also offered. There have been many people that had praised Get Approved for their speedy services to get their cars into top shape again.

Payments are made yearly, however if the customer has a lower income and canít afford to pay a large sum of cash in one go, paying each month is also an option.

It is also possible to have your premium included in your car loan repayment. This had helped many people with their cashflow by simplifying their payments. Quotes can be calculated on their website or over the phone, and compared with other insurers, GetApproved offers a more competitive price.

Overall: Get Approved is an online car insurance company that has been noted for their great customer service. All type of assistance, including guaranteed repair and towing service, are offered at great prices. Despite everything being online, customers may have to take some extra work to phone the company as many things are not listed on their website.

Before making your mind up to buy a policy, make sure you have taken the time go through all the formal documents. This will lessen your risk of paying for things that you do not need.

Insurance Fort believes that GetApproved is a car insurance company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1800 937 937

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David Swaddle


Pros: Not a lot, with a bit of hindsight.

Cons: We applied for a car loan and repeatedly asked the representative for a full breakdown of any fees and charges. She told both of us what the interest rate was and that there were no additional fees. Despite multiple requests at several points in the application process, we were not sent written confirmation of the payments or fees, just the interest rate. We did get written confirmation that there were \"no upfront fees or application charges\".

When it came to closing the deal the representative tried to add $1,050 in fees, $5 monthly service fee and compulsory insurances! She claimed that these were not \"upfront\" because they were being added to the loan. In a subsequent email she even called them \"upfront fees\" herself and said that they could be paid as a lump sum instead of added to the loan.

The fees that they were trying to hide made them considerably more expensive than the other loan companies that we had approached. I\'m sure that many people would have given in an just signed up anyway, but I hate companies that break their code of practice and try and stiff the consumer - so not me.

I am now pursuing them for compensation for the time wasted and the delay in receiving our new car.

Overall: My partner and I found this company to be very difficult to deal with. I would avoid them.



Pros: Great team and love the name of the company. A great play on words! ;)

Cons: Can\'t see any from here

Overall: Ive been with this company for quite some time and is loving every part of it. I know my car and vehicles are safe, meaning my money and finance balance can rest easy. Without them, I know I won\'t be getting the peace of mind I am getting now.