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Cyclecover Insurance Review

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: Cyclecover Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 4.5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: Cyclecover is an insurance company that has been providing excellent bike insurance to the Cycling industry. The company has up to 70 years of experience in the industry which is why more than 100,000 cyclists have chosen Cyclecover to be their insurance provider. Cyclecover is also an intense supporter of the Amy Gillett Foundation.

Covers: Bicycle insurance, travel insurance

Pros: Cycle Cover is one of the few bike insurers that have received the most amounts of positive reviews from customers. Some reasons for this include having no money limit to each bicycle. Full accidental damage cover is included in their policies with no limit on the number of bicycles.

Up to $30,000,000 can be covered for in liabilities. When comparing to other companies, this amount is huge.

Many members were able to get a peace of mind when they travelled overseas with their bicycle because they were also offered a worldwide cover.

There have been many cases about customers being able to get a claim when their bicycles were damaged while being in used, as well as being in a race. Approval rates are known to be high.

It is very easy to join Cyclecover. Their website is beautifully designed with the option for new customers to get a quote within seconds. The customer support line is known to be informative, kind and friendly. Not only do they anticipate the business aspects of the new member, they also show a great desire for wanting to help them.

Overall: Cyclecover is one of the leading bicycle insurance companies in Australia that have been providing excellent service to over 100,000 members. The amount they cover for reaches up to $30,000,000 which is a huge number.

Make sure that you have taken time off to read through the Product of Disclosure Statement and other related documents before applying for a policy. There may be things you donít know about the firm that will affect you in the future. By doing all the correct reading and studying, you will be able to easily avoid getting into such troubles.

Insurance Fort believes that Cyclecover Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1300 733 055

Email Address: info@cyclecover.com.au

46A Kilby Road
KeW East, 3102

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Pros: Previous claims handle well.

Cons: Send renewal notices very late
Dropped racing cover without consultation.
Don\'t responded to emails.
Haven\'t re-quoted to include race cover despite emails and calls.

Overall: Seems to have gone down hill significantly in 2014

Kris (not real name)


Pros: Famous and recommended by many cycling assosations, great staff and cheap quotes.

Cons: Nothing

Overall: I love the fact that the people that works at Cyclecover are bike lovers as well. I could already feel the connection when I contacted them. The lady that I spoke to was nice, friendly and warm and actually wanted to serve. I have now gotten my policy and is feeling confidient that the bike i paid so much for will be safe. :)