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CommInsure Insurance Review

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: CommInsure Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 5/5 on

Insurance Company Description: CommInsure is a leading Australian insurance company launched in 1999 that is part of the Commonwealth Bank Group. Although the company is relatively new to the market in Australia, origins of CommInsure have its root winding back to 1873. CommInsure offers affordable competitive policies and comprehensive premiums.

Covers: Home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, trauma cover

Pros: Many customers have reported that claims are easy to be made when their cars or home were damaged. The money was sent in a straight forward manner within the time frame of under a month. This gives serious clients an advantage as the period of claims can be a difficult one.

The customer service, in a branch or over the phone is noted to be friendly, kind, informative and passionate about customer service. The staffs are able to give you quotes within the same day and even help you sign you up for one of their premiums or policies without any stressful paperwork.

Repairs from CommInsure have been praised for being able to turn wrecked cars back into great conditions. Every aspect of the cars is taken under close examinations before any changes are done. A case about a customer having their car smashed in a traffic accident was able to get it repaired within under a week. Information and updates about the repair were sent frequently too.

Overall: CommInsure, as a group of the Commonwealth Bank Group, has proven to be trustable and reliable. Many have reported about the process in which claims are handled with compliments about the high standards that goes through their car repairs.

Just like any insurance companies you sign up for, always make sure you've taken the time to read the fine prints, Terms and Conditions, and policies. Take care on how words are used within their unique contexts. If there are any difficult jargons and terminologies that you do not understand, make sure you phone the customer support line for help, or contact an insurance adviser near your area. This will help lower your risk of paying for more than what you need as well as getting a defined knowledge of how likely you'll be able to be protected.

Insurance Fort believes that CommInsure Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 13 24 23

Email Address:

CommInsure General Insurance
Po Box 315

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Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything but mostly frustrating was the rudeness of the person taking the call.

Overall: After waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes to make a claim after the recent devastating storm that hit Hunter and the NSW Central Coast I was told an assessor would contact me in a few days. A week later I again waited on the phone for quite some time to ask why I hadn't got a call. seems that all the details I provided on my first disappeared. I went through all the details again to be told I I would not be covered for the food spoilage that occurred during a three day blackout. I told the operator that both NRMA and GIO are not only paying claims to their customers but are waiving the excess. The operators response was well my insurance company is not doing The first time I have ever tried to claim and this is how I am treated. Needless to say I will be cancelling my insurance with comminsure and going with NRMA or GIO.




Cons: Horrible and disgraceful experience.

Took out an expensive comprehensive insurance policy with CommInsure

When it comes time to actually payout a claim they hide behind a ‘defined events’ clause in their policy. Basically it means that unless you have camera footage of the loss actually occurring then you won’t get a payout! Also during this period they were; Deceitful, unhelpful, made untruthful statements

I then made the mistake of following up with the Financial Services Ombudsman (FOS). After 6 months of exchanges they agree that the CommInsure
don’t have to pay because I have a ‘defined events’ policy.

This is the biggest scam around! They sell you a comprehensive policy. This is a lie. They are selling you a ‘defined events’ policy marketed as a ‘Comprehensive Policy’. This practice is misleading and done on purpose to avoid paying out on many claims.




Pros: nothing

Cons: Comminsure is a waste of money! They never return your calls. They are rude and say to you on the phone \"we have more cars to deal with THAN YOURS\" I had a accident on the 19th of january. After 2 weeks my car was still at the panel place. No inspector came to see it. The Panel Place gave a quote. The man who works there said \"Most of the time they don\'t even come to see the car the just write it off\". Do you really want to pay good money for such bad service. They ended up writing it of only $4000. I have been with other companies and with in a week fixed. But not comminsure LAZY, FORGETFULL, TAKES THERE TIME AS IF YOU DONT NEED A CAR. COMMON IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK TO THEIR SUPERVISES 48 HOURS. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THEM ALL THEY DO IS RIP YOU OFF. WRITE YOUR CAR OFF WHEN THE HAVENT SEEN IT. TAKE MY ADVICE!




Pros: Cheap quotes, helpful plans and services and informative staffs that I can trust.

Cons: contacting them can be tricky... but anyhow.

Overall: I would want to kindly take this opportunity to thank CommInsure for approving my claim taht I made yesterday when my car door got hijacked inside a car park in broad daylight.

After contacting them, I had help within one hour. The man that I spoke to guided me through everything and eve promised me when my payment will be sent. I was so happy.