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1300 Pet Insurance Reviews

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Fort. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

Insurance Review: 1300 Pet Insurance Reviewed by Insurance Fort

Rating: 4/5 on

Insurance Company Description: 1300 Pet Insurance is an Australian company that is focused to deliver animal health insurance to your pets. Payments are affordable and will help cover shocking vet bills in the future that may cost many stress and heartaches. 1300 Pet Insurance has only one goal. That goal is to offer simple, cheap and quality pet insurance. You will not find anyone else that offers the same exceptional service.

Covers: Pet insurance; cat insurance, dog insurance

Pros: 1300 Pet Insurance is proud of their great customer service. The staffs and representatives are known by many customers to be nice, friendly and informative when it comes to animal insurance.

Questions can be responded to straight away. Many cases have been recorded about the staffs being very thoughtful, respectful and patient when serving new customers. Quotes can be computed instantly, and the procedure to buy is quick and easy to understand.

Prices are very competitive when compared to other pet insurance in Australia today. Claims are easy to apply for. Their claim forms are very simple to fill out, giving pet owners a peace of mind.

Unlike other insurers that only accept dogs and cats up to a certain age, 1300 Pet Insurance accepts every pet no matter how old they are. This is very convenient to policyholders as they won't have to worry about changing companies when their pets reach a certain age. Because with age comes higher risks of sickness, many people have recommended 1300 Pet Insurance to keep pets healthy and fit.

A customer in the past have stated that when they found their cat was feeling a bit down one morning and then realising it had an infection, 1300 Pet Insurance immediately provided all the claims and procedures to help the owner out. Not like other firms, 1300 Pet was willing to pay out and even offered additional help to the customer.

Overall: A lot of pet lovers have looked up to 1300 Pet Insurance as one of the best insurers in the market. This may be become of their great quality and service they offer, all for a very cheap rate.

Before making the final decision to become a member, make sure you have taken the adequate amount of time to go through the Terms and Conditions, Product of Disclosure and Policy Statements. It is not uncommon for small fine prints to be displayed at the bottom of many pages. Make sure you know what they are talking about. If there is anything you are not so sure with, contact someone from the telephone line immediately or seek an insurance adviser.

Insurance Fort believes that 1300 Pet Insurance is a company worth purchasing insurance from.

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Contact Information

Website Address: Visit Website

Phone Number: 1300 467 872

Email Address: enquires@1300insurance.com.au

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Insurance Reviews

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Happily Insured


Pros: Their price, claim service and customer support in general

Cons: The fact that only cats and dogs can be insured.

Overall: I am really happy and impressed with what 1300 insurance have done for me so far. I\'ve only needed to make one claim this year and everything about it had been smooth and successful. Just wanted to show my appropraite before christmas comes.



Pros: Good service and good price.

Cons: Only covers dogs and cats. It woudl be better if they covered other animals as well such as horses, birds, and more.

Overall: 1300 pet insurance was a few of the insurance companies i found to have a good reputation in australia. I dind\'t really know much about them when i first joined, but afterwards, my time with them have been pleasant. I am grateful for that.