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Pet Insurance

To many modern people, domestic animals and pets such as dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, horses, donkeys, lizards, gold fishes, etc. are often included as a valued family member. They are loved and cared for to the uppermost admiration that a lot of money will be spent on them. Some owners regularly groom their pets with luxurious products while other takes them to parlours and even training schools. If they are ill, the vet is also a common place to visit. If you are an animal lover too, getting a pet insurance is the best way to protect your little puppies as well as your hard earned money.

However many people don't recognize how insurance for pets work and questions if the benefits for signing up for a policy is worth what it costs. Pet insurance covers the veterinary bills if a pet becomes sick or injured in an accident. Some pet insurance companies also pay out if the pet passes away, gets lost or stolen. The reason of getting an insurance for pets is to diminish the risk of gaining expenses to treat the ill animals. As medicine and products for pets increases, the market for pet insurance also increases.

How Does a Pet Insurance Policy Work?

Some pet owners consider having a pet insurance is similar to having a human health insurance but this is not the case. To a pet insurer, pets are typically seen as a type of property insurance. As such, pet insurance repays the owner once the pet has received a care or service.

The two categories of pet insurances are: non-life time and lifetime. The first covers for most circumstances experienced by the pet during the first year but if it is claimed, it cannot be claimed again in the follow renewal year. If owners need additional treatments, they will need to pay for it themselves.

The second category covers a pet for its health and conditions for its lifetime. In contrast to the first category, if a claim is paid for the first year, it can also be paid again the next. But there are some limits such as "per conditions" or "per year", which have special suggestions. It is wise for the owner to ask the company of their choice about this.

There is also another insurance alternative that does not cover the direct health of the pet, but the owner, if trouble hits them. For example, if the owners is being hospitalized, the insurance will pay for the cost of the animal while the owner is away.

Glossary of Terms

Like any insurance companies, their fine prints and Terms & Conditions usually contain many key terms. Here is a list of them:

Benefit schedule – A certificate from a pet insurance company that list the allowance paid.

Deducible – A fixed amount of money that must be paid by the policy holder.

Exclusion – When a condition is disqualified.

Policy Limits – There may be additional policy limits added to an existing policy.

Pre-certification – The time when the owner submits a requested treatment to their pet insurance to see if the treatment will be covered.

Coinsurance – The fraction of your claims which are you accountable before deducible is applied.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies For Pets

Here is a list of all (but not limited to) the insurance companies that offer pet insurance plans, packages, premiums and/or services.

Real Pet Insurance
From the many reviews and feedbacks, Real Insurance is a modern and professional insurance company to join. Their rates and quotes are cheap and easy to sign up for. Staffs are ...

PetPlan Pet Insurance
PetPlan accepts most pet breeds but are reported to charge higher than most other pet insurer. There are a few cases about claims not be being paid unless the customer decides to go ...

Petsecure Pet Insurance
Petsecure has received a mixture of positive and negative reviews. The greatest reason to join is the advantage for your pets beubg protected at any time and not having to pay for ...

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Karla Adkins
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Graeme Holding
Posted 420 days ago
Posted 2406 days ago
I currently have four hampster, two rabbits, seven birds, three cats and two dogs. It would be great if there was an insurance company or plan that an help keep all my speicial little pets safe.