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Payday Insurance

Many people have a lot of confusion regarding the exact module of a Payday Insurance.

Talking frankly, Payday Insurance is good but don't expect too much from it. Like if you are wishing to get the protection if you are fired from your job, or if you have unfortunately, met with an accident, the Payday Insurance can't ensure you.

There is a very narrow path under which the Payday Insurance policy play its role.

Suppose, you got involve in an accident while you are working and have received a serious injury, or maybe a paralysis attack, then the Payday Insurance will help you out.

Since the Payday Insurance requires a very low premium, many people get lured towards it.

You can extract more information about the Payday Insurance from your insurance agent or directly from your insurance provider. Since they are constantly indulged in this field; they will render you a good advice.

Another good option will be to look for its detail on various websites like this one. You can also join insurance forums to learn about the real life experience of existing customers. Make sure that you have accumulated much detail before you take any serious decision.

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Posted 2296 days ago
Did you just stick with your current isuarnnce carrier, or did you shop around? We have two cars, one is a 2008 Fit, the other a 1998 Forester. We have a loan on the Fit, so we have always had full coverage isuarnnce on it. When our isuarnnce came up last month, I shopped around and found every other insurer I called was lower than who we had, and the one I settled on gave me full coverage and higher liability on BOTH vehicles for $ 200 less (over 6 months) than what we were previously paying.I'm not here to advertise for my insurer, so I'll put it this way: I spent a couple hours on the internet and on the phone and called several national insurers directly. I don't trust generic comparison boards on the internet, because that is where I got our last isuarnnce. You don't even have to leave your current insurer, you can call them and tell them the quotes you got from the competition.Make sure you maximize your discounts. Paying all up front netted me a $ 50 discount. Letting them put a big brother device in our cars is netting us about $ 100 discount. No wrecks since 1988 (although I think they only consider the last 3 or 5 years) was another discount (not sure how much). Seems like there were a couple others, but I can't remember them. Was this answer helpful?
Greg T.
Posted 2502 days ago
Can payday insurance pay out during sick days?