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Laptop Insurance

The trend of carrying around a laptop had been injected into fashion, business, pop culture, education, students and our daily lives. It is hard to do anything without some sort of computer these days.

Because of such convenience, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people paying thousands of dollars for their laptops.

Many things can be stored in laptops. Some examples include banking details, photos, music, books, databases, as well as expensive softwares and hardware. If the laptop is suddenly damaged or stolen, the pain can be exhaustive.

Releasing your worries to Laptop Insurance may be one of the wisest things to do in order to get a peace of mind.

Many personal, home, contents and business insurance will already cover damaged or stolen laptops. Fire, accidental damages, theft and loss can be claimed for too. But there is a limit, usually up to a few hundreds of dollars, which is not enough.

Contacting your insurance provider for an upgrade for your insurance plans may be a good idea to ensure your laptop can be properly covered from all sort of problems. Many companies can offer a higher coverage than your current plan for a small extra price.

The cost depends on how much your laptop cost, how much you want to be covered for, and for how long. Most of the time, it is pretty much affordable.

Another smart way to protect your laptop is to take advantage of the warranty policy at the time of purchase. Many retailers and manufactures offers a free warranty for the first few months, and sometimes this period can be extended for a small price. By paying that extra amount, it could be an excellent substitute for insurance.

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Posted 1381 days ago
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Posted 1381 days ago
IMHO you've got the right anrwse!
Posted 2346 days ago
Never buy a laptop without insurance or atleast warranty. As for me, I always buy their extended warranty when I purchase a new laptop. As being a Apple fan, I can't dare to take the risks of losing it.
Posted 2406 days ago
Okay, so we all know that the price for laptops and other electronics are getting cheaper and cheaper. Was just wondering if this will impact the cost and quotes for getting laptop insurance.

I currently have my laptop listed as part of my contents insurance but I am just a bit worry that I won't be able to have it protected while I am outside my house as I tend ot travel very frequently.