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iPhone Insurance

Many electronic devices such as handheld mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, eReaders, laptops, etc. are becoming more and more demanding in the business world. It is hard to survive a day without one due to the fast increase of technology and the Internet to communicate with customers and to do research. For all these reasons, this is why having insurance for iPhone, iPad, PDA, etc is so important. There are many businessmen paying thousand of dollars to keep their iPhones up to date so you must make sure your money is being well guarded and protected from theft, damages, and other circumstances that are beyond your control.

Phone companies such as Optus, Vodafone, Telstra, 3, Virgin, Apple, etc offer insurance, but if they donít, there are always alternative options you can take.

iPhone insurances are usually included within personal, home and business plans from an insurance company. However there may be exceptions. You should contract the insurance company of your choice and ask them more about it.

In general, the insurances for iPhones specializes in worldwide covers such as during your trips overseas, theft, accidents, repairs, and other unwritten insurances. They can vary between companies and companies.

What should you expect to pay for iPhone insurance? Most of the excess payable on claims is between $150 and $250, depending on what features you want. It is covered within Australia, overseas, business premises and in homes. Burglary and accidental damages are covered, but there may be a limit of how much is paid back to you. Claims turnaround times are usually between two days and a month.

Before purchasing any insurance services, always make sure you have read the fine prints, policies and Terms and Conditions carefully, taking notes of the words usage. If you are having difficulties, you may want to hire a lawyer, an adviser or ask one of the staffs in the insurance company. This is one of the most critical steps to take before making your final decision.

Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Companies

Here is a list of home and content insurance companies that may offer iphones insurance

APIA Home Insurance
APIA, like most other insurance companies, has a very difficult fine print, Terms and Conditions, and policy to understand. For example, it is written that damages from water are covered, including sinks ...

Real Home Insurance
From the many reviews and feedbacks, Real Insurance is a modern and professional insurance company to join. Their rates and quotes are cheap and easy to sign up for. Staffs are ...

GIO Home Insurance
GIO Insurance has their ups and downs. It seems that before they send your claims for your damages, they will undergo many investigations to justify that it was out of your control to prevent it. Their requirements may be a bit silly at times. There are a high percentage of reported customers that their claims were denied, but others had experienced some fuss-less smooth transactions ...

Business Insurance Companies

Here is a list of business insurance companies that may offer iphones insurance

RACV Business Insurance
As being as successful and popular as RACV is, it is impossible to satisfy every customer. However if you are hoping to join RACV, you can be sure that their insurances and assistances are ...

AAMI Business Insurance
AAMI insurance is a big company and would be impossible for them to pay for every claim and repair every damage. With the length of the companyís life and number of complains, it is pretty decent. Only a handful ever goes through a nightmare, and smaller amounts have that nightmare turn into a reality ...

NAB Business Insurance
NAB is a reliable and trustworthy insurance company that has a good reputation in Australia. Many discounts and bonuses can be offered to customers in ways such as buying policies ...

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I recommend everyone to get iphone insurance because, I don't know if a lot of you have realised, iphones are one of the most easiest to break electronic devices in the market.

There are videos on youtube of people doing some experiements with them dropping an iphone and other mobile phones. The result came that the iphone was the one that got the most damaged.

Ironic, how the iphone is the most expensive.
Posted 2474 days ago
Try http://www.covertec.com.au they provide a great product for smartphones, laptops etc. Competitive premiums and two year policy periods.