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Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters are the committee that is responsible behind all insurance companies to decide if a claim will be approved or not. The underwriter regulates behind the insurance company and determines and assesses all aspects, factors and features of a company's policy.

In a car insurance circumstance, the underwriters will assess the situation in which a claim has been sent. They will evaluate and judge the quality of damage, the fault and investigate anything suspicious. Police can sometimes be called to help them. However, it is up to the car insurance company and not the underwriter to contact the customer about organising the repairs, payments and adjustments.

Most of the car insurance firms in Australia are underwritten by the same company. These underwriters have huge capitals in the finance industry, being around for many years. For example, Bingle is underwritten by AAMI, which is underwritten by Suncorp Metway.

With this in mind, it may be wise to find out who the underwriters of the insurance provider you are with. You may be surprised and get the confidence to acquire a better quote.

However there are some insurance companies that are capable to do their own underwritings, such as Allianz and Youi.

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