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The Most Horrible Hotel Room

Just wanted to write an update about my travelling experience. As being such a big fan of America, it has been a lifelong dream to go to the United States, however the report I’m about to reveal from them were worse than worst. I did purchase travel insurance but even that was not enough to comfort me. The hotel that I visited, though it had a great rating on Hotels Combined, was horrible. Of course, I am not going to say the name of the hotel.

I mean, they could have at least bought proper Atlanta hotel supply. There are tons of companies and firms that will be able to offer cheap furniture, props and other goods for cheap price. I think if the hotel I stayed at actually took in some time to look for newer products that are made for comfort, my stay there would actually be much better.

In fact, purchasing hotel supply online is the easiest way to furnish a hotel. All the photos and recommendations would be already available on the website, and all that you would need to do is pick the ones you like. You may want to decide which one would look great in the type of guest room. Best of all, it does not take much energy to do so.

The thing that got my so angry was their bar. I have been a fan of food and wine, however the environment where my vodka was served smelled of dead rats. If the hotel really wanted to give me a good impression and use me to tell my friends about them, they could have at least got better inventory. For example, there are a lot of hotel bar supplies that can be bought, all with the latest design.

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Bertie Beatle
Posted 1582 days ago
THE MOST HORRIBLE HOTEL ROOM - what a wank to do marketing under a disguise of a so-called bad hotel! Why don't you name the hotel mate?