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How to Save Money on Insuring Your Dog

Owning a dog can be an expensive affair- especially when it comes to medical bills. Therefore anyone looking to own a dog should make absolutely certain that they have adequate insurance. These days there are a huge array of different insurance options available for dog owners- here are a few quick tips on how you can find yourself the best deal.

Use one policy for multiple pets

If you own more than one pet you can almost certainly save money by putting them all on to the same policy. At various times we have had three dogs, a cat, a parrot and three rabbits all under the same policy- and we saved ourselves considerable money by doing so!

Do your research

Finding an insurance policy is hardly the most exciting of tasks, so you could hardly be blamed for trying to get it over and done with as quickly as possible! However, spending a little time searching for the best policy could well save you some serious cash in the long run. You wouldn’t buy other products such as dog coats or dog beds without shopping around- so why your insurance? There are so many different policies out there, and it is such a fiercely competitive market, that there are always saving to be found. You just have to have the patience to look for them!

Insure them young

We would always advise setting up your insurance prior to getting your dog, just to be on the safe side. Young dogs are always going to be cheaper to insure than old dogs because they face less health problems. If you have had your dog insured from a young age with the same provider, you are likely to get a much better deal with them when your dog enters its old age.

Insure online

From our experience at Dogscorner.co.uk, by far and away the best deals on dog insurance are available online. Insurers are able to cut down on their overheads by signing people up over the internet, they therefore offer better rates to encourage people to do so. Do a little research. Find an offline policy which you think is a good fit for you, and then check how much the exact same policy would be online. We can almost guarantee you it will be cheaper!

Different breeds, different needs

There can be a huge difference between the costs of insuring different breeds of dog. Certain pedigree breeds suffer from hereditary conditions, and knowing this, insurers bump up your premiums. Over the lifetime of your dog this difference can amount to thousands of pounds. The cheapest type of dog to insure is normally a mongrel, not only do they cost much less to buy, but they are also prone to far fewer medical complications.

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