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Insurance Code of Practice

The Insurance Code of Practice can be downloaded from the Insurance Council of Australia website. The aim of the codes is to outline the service standards and to give ways for how customers can make claims and send in complaints.

No matter what have happened to you, if your bag got stolen, window smashed or have your property destroyed by nature, the code of practice gives you a set of rights and what you can do about your situation.

Anyone that is hoping to learn more about the insurance industry and what they can get out of it should first read the Code of Practice. The latest codes came into effect on 1 May of 2010.

More Insurance Companies

Searching for a good insurance company to join? Consider the following companies as they are currently offering exclusive offers!

Budget Direct Insurance ($50 Offer)
Budget Direct is a cheap and simple insurance company to sign up for if your risk of getting damaged is low. Always remember the universal rule that what you pay for is what you ...

GIO Insurance (10% Off)
GIO Insurance has their ups and downs. It seems that before they send your claims for your damages, they will undergo many investigations to justify that it was out of your control to ...

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