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Entertainment Insurance

There are many reasons why you, as an entertainment provider, should obtain Entertainment Insurance in order to be protected from damages and accidents. They can occur from broken equipment, machine failures, and any injuries done to your cast, including yourself. Fires, floods, storms are also included.

Entertainment Insurance can also protect you from the public. If any claims are made against you, or is threatening to sue you, the insurance can protect you too. This may take place if an audience is injured by the show, and is using a lawsuit to get compensation.

Who Can Apply for Entertainment Insurance?

Anyone in the entertainment industry, including producers, contractors, entertainers and candidates, are possible to get Entertainment Insurance. There are some venues that will only let you run your show if you have Entertainment Insurance.

Entertainment Insurance Cost

The price for getting Entertainment Insurance is generally a percentage of the total production budget. The percentage size is dependant to the project that is being broadcast.

Entertainment Insurance comes in many different policies and premiums, and the coverage differs greatly from insurance companies. It is very important that you have read the Product of Disclosure before you sign up. This will let you get a better outlook of what you are paying for.

More Insurance Companies

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