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Bill Help Insurance

Being able to pay bills on time is a challenge for a lot of Australians as the cost of living increases in an unsustainable rate. Even though some people can easily cover all their financial debts, there are plenty that are struggling to even pay for their weekly groceries, gas, electric, water, credit cards, etc. payments.

Then there are bigger debts to pay, for instance mortgage, loans and rent.

Thankfully, there are some insurance companies that offer bill help starting for only $3 a week. A lot of these insurers offers acceptance to anyone between the age of 18 and 60.

Up to a few thousands of dollars can be claimed per month, either through a bank deposit or cheque. There are also optional coverage that can be purchased alongside with it such as kids injury, and holiday injury.

Another benefit is that the premiums are usually tax-deductible. This means it is even more affordable and great for the entire family.

When deciding whether to sign up for a bill help insurance policy, it is very important that you have taken the time to read the Product of Disclosure, and any small fine prints located at the bottom of most documents. This will give you an idea of what can be covered.

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Posted 1379 days ago
Since state laws differ on this issue, your best scorue of information is the insurance commissioner's office in the state where you work (if the insurance is through your employment); if this policy was issued to you directly, call the commissioner in your state of residence. (You also didn't mention whether this is health, auto, homeowners, etc., which will matter.)My state requires insurers to give health care providers and insureds a minimum of 6 months from the date of service to file a claim. States surrounding mine give anywhere from 45 days to 12 months following the date of service to file. So it really depends. http://ufgkch.com [url=http://myimzjpl.com]myimzjpl[/url] [link=http://gshsglg.com]gshsglg[/link]
Posted 1381 days ago
That's a mor-lbdeaker. Great thinking! http://jbcjnk.com [url=http://pqlhkqna.com]pqlhkqna[/url] [link=http://siltjtbw.com]siltjtbw[/link ]
Posted 1381 days ago
Here are some things to coedisnr and ask when comparing policies. What is the liability coverage limits? Do I need excess liability? What are the medical payment limits? Do you need more of either for your purposes (like do you entertain a lot, have hired help on your property, etc.) Does it include worker's comp (in CA it is mandatory) and it is mandated in your state? What is the coverage for out buildings (sheds), fences, yard ornamentation, etc. Are there mold and mildew restrictions? (Many insurers are excluding both after Katrina). Am I in a FEMA flood plane and do I require flood insurance? Do I need tornado insurance? Is wind damage covered? How are payments structured (i.e. do they have nuisance fees if the policy is not paid in full up front) and if so, is it recurring, a percentage or a specified amount per payment? Do I get a discount for: combining home and auto, fire and burglar alarms, being located close to a fire hydrant or fire station, fire proof construction (i.e. concrete roof shingles, metal framing), clearing a 100 foot defensible boundary, being a certain age, having no claims, having fire extinguishers in the kitchen and garage, etc. If going through a broker, ask how they are compensated, by commission you pay or commission paid by the company. If you are college educated, check with your alumni to see if they have an agreement with any certain insurer for discounts (same applies if you belong to professional membership organizations or a union). What is the personal possession coverage and do you require riders for special collections or jewelry or power tools in a workshop?
Posted 1383 days ago
I have an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO family plan beuacse it was much cheaper ($100 s a month) than getting the shoddy insurance through my workplace (for four people two adults and two kids I pay $324 per month). It also has better coverage and benefits, and the plan I chose has no co-pay and pays 100% of the bill for regular visits. I didn't have to change any of our doctors when I switched, either.Anthem has dozens of plans to choose from. I suggest starting here:Most insurance companies (I'm not sure that this is required by law) will cover an existing condition from the first day of coverage if you have had health insurance for twelve consecutive months before signing on with a new company.On a related note, I wouldn't listen to agents who are telling you that the average plan costs more than $1000 a month ( -BLOCKED- ?) or that going to a local agent is the best idea (in my experience, it's the WORST thing you could possibly do). Most local agents charge HUNDREDS more a month than places such as Blue Cross, and they offer woefully deficient benefits, huge deductibles, and little to no service. They're working in part on commission, remember.Although it's in a different field of insurance, I can say by way of example that when I called my local agents for car insurance, they all told me that I'd need to pay between $600 and $800 per month for full coverage and that I'd get no better deal. Both Progressive and Geico quoted me $83-85 per month for the same coverage and lower deductible.