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Aviation Insurance

People that drive flying machines as part of their occupation should be careful about their health. Once an accident happen, the chances of getting things right is close to nothing.

This is why getting protected with the right insurance is such an important aspect.

Aviation Insurance can be referred as an insurance cover for people that operates aviation and aircrafts such as aeroplanes, helicopters and alike. All types of injuries and damages for the pilot, as well as the passengers, can be covered for.

A public liability insurance policy can be purchased if you hope to be covered for any third party liabilities caused by your ownership of the aircraft. Damages done to other peopleís properties will be covered for.

This includes houses, crops, airport facilities, and natural formations.

Most insurance firms only provide protection if the plane is in motion. If you wish to get insured if the plane is on the ground too, another insurance service may be needed to go along with the original policy.

Note that Aviation Insurance is different from other type of insurance in their usage of terminology, limits, clauses and requirements. Make sure you check with your insurance provider to get a clearer detail of what you are purchasing.

The cost of Aviation Insurance can vary depending on how frequent you drive the aircraft. The size and number of passengers can sometime be assed too. To know more, check with your insurance provider.

Insurance Companies

Aviation Insurance Companies

Here is a list of all (but not limited to) the Aviation companies that offer Aviation insurance plans, packages, premiums and/or services.

QBE Aviation Insurance
QBE is a well known insurance company for offering cheap and competitive quotes for all their insurance premiums and policies. It is a reasonable company that insures most assets ...

Vero Aviation Insurance
Complaints have come in about Vero not offering a replace vehicle if the broken vehicle is in repair. Claims can sometimes take a while to process during the holiday season and during ...

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Is aviation insurance compulsory for all pilots?